Lawn & Leaf Bag Funnel
Innovative. Easy. Reusable.
HopperTopper’s patented* technology delivers an Innovative, Easy & Reusable solution that eliminates most common problems and frustrations with cleanup of lawn and yard waste!

30 Gallon Lawn & Leaf Bag Funnel


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Innovative Design:

The HopperTopper fits any standard 30 gallon paper lawn & leaf bag. With its large funnel-shaped opening, the HopperTopper directs the flow of yard waste into the bag and not all around it...even under windy conditions! The HopperTopper keeps the mouth of the bag open that allows laying the bag flat for easily raking leaves and debris directly into the bag. Last, but not the least, the bags can be packed down easily without having to remove the HopperTopper.

Easy To Use & Store:
The HopperTopper comes fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the package. With the HopperTopper keeping the bag open and upright, there is no need to call for help when filling your lawn and leaf bags with grass, leaves or yard waste. The HopperTopper can be inserted into any standard yard bag within seconds! The compact size enables easy storage by hanging on a nail or peg using the rectangular side slots, or laid flat on a shelf.

Reuseable & Economical:
The HopperTopper is constructed out of biodegradable, high-quality corrugated paper. The sturdy design of the HopperTopper allows it to be used multiple times and works out to be very cost effective.

HopperTopper Delivers All These Great Benefits!

• Doubles the size of the opening of the bag

• Maintains bag open under windy conditions

• Prevents the mouth of the bag from collapsing while filling

• Avoids having to use multiple individuals to help fill bags

• Allows laying the bag flat and rake yard waste directly

• Prevents tearing of the bag while emptying contents from the lawnmower

• Enables maximum packing of bags without having to remove HopperTopper

  Simplifying lawn and yard cleanup.

*U.S. Patent 8,517,610

Leaf Bag Funnel
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